Training of Armenian Young Politicians

On 22-24 May, 2012 similar training was conducted with Armenian young politicians in Jermuk, Armenia. 
Representatives of following participants were involved in the training:

 Republican Party of Armenia;
 Prosperous Armenia Party;
 Armenian Revolutionary Federation;
 Heritage Party;
 Armenian National Congress.

Mrs. Marine Malkhazyan, Project Coordinator at UNDP program on Democratic Governance and Dr. Edgar Ghazaryan, Dean at Armenian State University facilitated the training.

Experts briefed participants on the emergence of democratic systems and values in Western Europe, starting from Magna Carta, showing how these trends/conditions are relevant for modern post-Soviet societies. Experts looked at the methods by which democracy can be achieved, focusing on revolutionary and evolutionary ways to democracy. They described the process and challenges constituting democracy, and the building of democratic institutions.

Division of powers was analyzed as an important parameter of a democratic system. Experts overviewed how it works in various communities. Young politicians were divided into groups, each group was asked to draft political agenda of their party after 50 years, with a focus on foreign policy, domestic policies, conflict resolution and economic migration. Participants tried to systematize their values and create sound platforms. 

In overall 25 new participants from different political parties were involved in the training;

08 OCT 2012
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