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Association of Civic Educators 



“Association of Civic Educators” is teachers’ professional alliance which promotes cooperation among teachers of civic education and supports their professional development. 


Association realizes its activities on the level of association members, schools, organizations, countries and region.

The main directions of the association are: ensuring cooperation among teachers of civic education, establishing mechanisms for their support and professional development. 

The association aims at:

1. Accumulating civic education teachers in one common space under common interests;

2. Forming regional networks/departments of civic education teachers; 

3. Developing  organization on the principles of democracy; 

4. Ensuring capacity building of association members and sharing the experience of other successful similar organizations; 

5. Identifying  teachers needs and priorities and planning events accordingly; 

6. Monitoring association's internal and external activities and modifying according estimated needs.

7. Participating in the process of professional development of civic education teachers and implementing relevant programs.

8. Supporting and advocating teachers of civic education in higher education;

9. Carrying the role of mediator between the ministry of education and civic education teachers; 

10. Promoting civic education and supporting sustainability of profession. 


1. Formation of open information/ communication space for persons interested in civic education;

2. Identification of partner organizations;

3. Optimization and accumulation of existing resources;

4. Elaborating the strategy of organizational development and future plans;
5. Cooperation development with international organizations;

6. Promoting cooperation between the teachers on local as well as on national level;

7. Revealing best practices, their popularization and introduction in practice;

8. Support creation of educational electronic and printed resources. 

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