Yerevan School of Political Studies

Partner of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Armenia - the Yerevan School of Political Studies (YSPS) was officially opened under the auspices of the Council of Europe in 2005. The aim of the School consists in helping the younger generation of Armenian politicians to broaden their outlook and to promote democratic culture in Armenia. Preparing an experienced, well-trained political stratum ready to build a new democratic state and overcoming past political regimes are main objectives of the Schools of Political Studies.

The objectives of YSPS are:

• to promote introduction and dissemination of human rights, rule of law, democratic and other civic values,

• to create opportunities for young political leaders, opinion and decision-makers to know each other and take on effectively together in the European process of democratic cohesion.

This initiative is exceptional for Armenia in its essence where political education is combined with opportunity of interaction between young generations of political scientists and politicians. It is a unique forum for practical political training and education, where the theory is completed with practical and daily applicable knowledge. During 5 years around 175 advanced and mid-career individuals have passed already through YSPS. The School’s participants represent both authorities and opposition: members of the National Assembly, deputy ministers, member of the Central Electoral Commission, representatives of Staffs of the President of the Republic, National Assembly, Constitutional Court, Ministries, and representatives of active NGOs, business sector, Media, politicians, journalists, political scientists, professors and clergymen.

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