Abouth the SCYP

The 60 elected representatives of the participating classes gather for 4 days at a conference place in Georgia one time per year in order to debate a joint declaration of the South Caucasus Youth Parliament (SCYP). The joint declaration is later on presented to high-ranking EU-representatives in Brussels.

* In a first step the pupils learn about the political agendas of the other representatives. Each pupil is going to present his political agenda in front of the plenary. Each pupil has to hand out a short executive summary of the most important points on his political agenda.

* In a second step the pupils identify those others which have a political agenda similar to their own and form a fraction with them. By forming coalitions with other fractions the pupils try to find a majority for points on their agenda. In a Voting process similar to the Processes of Parliamentary Vote in the three South Caucasian Countries the Joint Resolution is formed.

* In a third step the SCYP elects 15-representatives (5 per country) which shall present the SCYP-declaration in Brussels.

The classmates receive information from different sources about the decision-making process in the SCYP and about their elected representative in detail. One source of information are their appointed journalists/observers. Another source of information is a final report by their elected representative. A third source is the minutes of the SCYP-meeting provided by the project staff. If their elected representative is selected by the SCYP for going to Brussels, the classmates have the right to approve or dismiss the nomination according to whether their delegate has respected or not the political agenda set by the class.

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