About The Project

The EU co-financed project “Democracy Starts with You!” was launched by German Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.
Dutch Eduardo Frei Foundation 
Baku School of Political Studies
Tbilisi School of Political Studies and
Yerevan School of Political Studies
on the 1st of November 2009.

Our guiding principle: Democracy has to be experienced; it cannot be learned from books only!

“Democracy Starts with You!” will improve the civic participation of young people from minority and rural areas in the South Caucasus. In order to reach this goal, we first train teachers on how to teach democracy to pupils with up-to-date methodologies of civic education. Afterward the teachers will be given the opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge in a 3-stage-simulation game for their pupils. Young politicians will be integrated into the simulation game as peer-group role models.

Some facts about “Democracy Starts with You!”

The Project…

   •  has a budget of 1,88 Mio EUR;

   •  will be running 3 years;

   •  covers Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia;

   •  is implemented by the German Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, the Dutch Eduardo-
      Frei-Foundation, the Baku School of Political Studies, The Tbilisi School of Political
      Studies and the Yerevan School of Political Studies

  •  is carried out by 9 staff members and 1 Project Manager.

How are things going to work in detail?

180 teachers from 60 different schools (20 per each participating country) will be trained on modern methodology and high standard contents on civic education for school-pupils. The participating teachers will receive special training for passing on knowledge about civic representation and participation to pupils by involving them into a three-stage-simulation game.

Teachers are important multiplicators for democratic civic socialization. The participating teachers will therefore be encouraged to establish a regional Teachers Association. Yearly joint workshops and frequent exchange through this website should provide all participating teachers with a means of direct contact throughout the South Caucasus region. By creating a knowledge base for materials on civic education and a transnational network for knowledge exchange on teaching civic education in the region, the practical cooperation between teachers in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will be strengthened.

5.400 secondary school-pupils of the 11th-grade from these 60 schools will be instructed in a three-stage-simulation (local/regional/EU-level) on peacefully balancing of group interests in processes of political participation and representation.

Taking part in a simulation game, each participating class will elect one delegate to a “South Caucasus Youth Parliament” (SCYP) and provide the delegate with a political agenda. Being member of the SCYP, the delegate is contributing to a joint declaration of the SCYP which will be presented to high-ranking officials of the European Union in the third stage of the simulation game.

225 youth wing activists of political parties will receive a special training in order to be included as peer role-models for civic participation into the training process of the school-pupils. Per country and year 25 youth wing activists of political parties will be trained on party democracy standards and how to act in political life according to these standards.
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