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Recessed luminaires | LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.

LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.

Gorzowska 11, 65-127 Zielona Góra

Tel: 68 45 33 200

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Company contact detailsRecessed luminaires | LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.


Is it possible to save money on lighting solutions and at the same time enjoy the aesthetic appearance of lamps? The answer is: yes, but only with the help of LUG Light Factory. The company offers LED solutions that allow clients to save up to 50-60% of energy costs. This is especially important in places where light is needed 24/7, e.g. in hospitals.

Recessed luminaires are a particularly economical type of lighting. Their functional design allows you to increase productivity at work and create a pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, thanks to the minimalist appearance of the lamps, they create an attractive and coherent effect, whether it is a conference room or a corridor.

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